Will the ipad and the Amazon Kindle Fire Replace Traditional Newspapers?

29 Sep

Apple’s recent hit wonder-gadget the ipad is met with some competition after amazon released its own Kindle Fire. With less functions than its predecessor, the Amazon Kindle Fire competes with its lower price tags and smooth integration with other digital contents. Founder of Amazon.com  Jeffrey Bezos had quoted “I hope you see what we’re doing here,” “We’re offering premium products at non-premium prices.”

Whether or not this is a good news for the newspaper industry is yet to be debated.  The Kindle has been well known for substituting traditional paper books.  Same goes for newspapers. The Kindle version of newspapers or magazines have shown some promise for its device users. The ipad is also another prospective platform for papers that are gradually losing to internet news outlets.

The market for book-sized devices are getting bigger than ever. This new pool of technology seems to me a perfect place for the newspaper to set up its digital newsstand. Apart from those who wish to stick with papers, upcoming consumers are more adjusted to getting digitized news. The ipad or Amazon Kindle Fire can provide news-on-the-go with a similar layout of the original papers. The way I see it, this is a good news for the news in general.



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