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Goodbye Steve Jobs

6 Oct

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life,”

– Steve Jobs

Apple Inc’s co-founder, former CEO and visionary extraordinaire Steve Jobs has passed away. His critical condition due to pancreatic cancer has had the world worrying and now it moans over his passing. News articles about his death have been pouring over the internet almost immediately after the official announcement. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are flooding with the news about Jobs’ loss as well.

Jobs had made sure the world would never be the same again after his inventions such as the iphone and the ipad. The signature designs of the i-products and even the Apple logo itself have become a cultural icon exceeding the boundaries of mere fancy technology. Apple’s innovative momentum has lost its heart and soul when Jobs passed. With the iphone 5 soon to be launched, his absence seems to have made a huge gaping hole.

Apple – and the rest of the world- has lost a great inventor. Some even arguably place Jobs on the level of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Even though I personally do not own any Apple products, it saddens me to think that a person who sparked with so much ideas had died. At the same time I was amazed at how there were so many different angles of articles about his life. Some were focusing more on his last minutes before death and some more about his lifetime work at Apple. The abundance of material provided me helpful perspective about what kind of person Jobs had been.

He will surely be remembered as a genius and a innovator. Rest in Peace, Mr Jobs.,0,1001171.story


Borders is Out of Business

6 Oct

The international bookseller Borders Group Inc has been bankrupt for a while. As of recent, it is trying to sell whatever it can from the sinking ship ranging from bookshelves to customer data lists.

Reason for the demise of the once successful book retailer can be attributed to its various mistakes. For one, Borders had failed to adapt to the age of online book selling and e-books. While its rival bookseller Barnes and Nobles made great effort to adjust to the latest changes by establishing online stores and developing its own version of e-books, Borders just sat back and left the online stuff to Amazon.

Borders serves at yet another example of what happens when a business anachronistically sticks to its old tricks and fails to meet the up-to-date methods of the digitized era. Traditional books, magazines and newspapers are steadily losing their places as  printed material with the rapid spread of online/digitized reading material. The 40 years old bookseller would not have met such an unfortunate end if it had gone with the obvious flow. If you couldn’t beat them, might as well should have joined them.

Paul Carr is Starting an Investment of His Own

3 Oct

Paul Carr a former weekly columnist for TechCrunch will be launching his own startup blog venture.

The writer had announced on TechCrunch that he would be leaving unless the now retired TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington was allowed to choose his own successor as editor. AOL made its own choice and Carr left the TechCrunch blogosphere. Now the former TechCruncher is to set off and start a blog world of his own.

The TechCrunch drama that triggered everything was on whether or not its owner AOL would let TechCrunch retain its “editorial independence”. Carr was a huge supporter for Arrington. He had his voice heard by going out with a bang.

I think the issue of Carr’s departure is significant in that it was his way of trying to start afresh without any interference from the business side. As a writer he took journalism as a first and stuck with that. How his bold venture would turn out is anybody’s guess(though he does have an infamous name for failing at investments) but what he did serves as an example of how some people would still stick their necks out for what they deem as journalistic justice.