Paul Carr is Starting an Investment of His Own

3 Oct

Paul Carr a former weekly columnist for TechCrunch will be launching his own startup blog venture.

The writer had announced on TechCrunch that he would be leaving unless the now retired TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington was allowed to choose his own successor as editor. AOL made its own choice and Carr left the TechCrunch blogosphere. Now the former TechCruncher is to set off and start a blog world of his own.

The TechCrunch drama that triggered everything was on whether or not its owner AOL would let TechCrunch retain its “editorial independence”. Carr was a huge supporter for Arrington. He had his voice heard by going out with a bang.

I think the issue of Carr’s departure is significant in that it was his way of trying to start afresh without any interference from the business side. As a writer he took journalism as a first and stuck with that. How his bold venture would turn out is anybody’s guess(though he does have an infamous name for failing at investments) but what he did serves as an example of how some people would still stick their necks out for what they deem as journalistic justice.



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