Facebook For Users first, Ads second

7 Nov

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg comment on an interview on PBS’s Charlie Rose about what they deems as the more important component of the popular social network. Zuckerberg quoted “A core part of what makes Facebook, Facebok, is that we really are focused on users first. We will have opportunities to sell advertising.”

Over the years Facebook has become one of the largest cyber environments for its users to post, link and share their thoughts and ideas. The rise of the social network has given new definition to the term citizen journalists. The fact that Facebook is willing to respect its users more so over advertisers came as a mild surprise to me, seeing as how most successful internet services tend to go down the obvious road of soulless corporate vampirism. It was interesting how Facebook can be used as a advertising tool, for example the “like” buttons, while at the same time it is a way of expression for users as well.   Whether Zuckerberg is speaking out of his heart or his business lobe of the brain it’s hard to say, but at least he had the decency of acknowledging his users as a primary consideration.



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