Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet Going to War against Kindle Fire

18 Nov

After the release of Kindle Fire from, Barnes & Noble has joined the tablet race by presenting its very own slate called Nook Tablet. The Nook Tablet was released on the 17th at a price slightly higher than that of the Kindle Fire. General reviews of the Nook Tablet have been positive so far regarding its fast CPU and vibrant screen display. The obvious competition between Amazon’s ambitious Kindle Fire has already been the talk of the tech community.

Clearly the tablet- sized device market is expanding into a new haven for the eBook and e Journal industry. What was once a novelty is now becoming a alternative to the traditional paperback books and newspapers. Barnes & Noble has pulled through times of difficulty by adapting to the new online environment while its now gone competitor Borders had failed to do so. So will the Nook Tablet have any chance against Kindle Fire? Both operating systems are Android powered which sets the clear difference from the iPad. In terms of  technology, it is pretty similar in many aspects. Considering the enormous scope of reach that Amazon has, it seems like a hard battle ahead for Nook Tablet. Kindle Fire does have the price advantage on its side too but the competition has just started and we will soon find out which device will stand triumphant.


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