Cincinnati Enquirer Journalists to Speak “in Their Own Words”

6 Dec

The Cincinnati Enquirer launched a campaign that would feature its very own journalists. They would speak for around 2 or so minutes on video about how things are to be working in the news industry. Mark Woodruff, vice president of market development for Enquirer Media, came up with this idea as a response to the people who deem a career in journalism as a dead end job. By having actual journalists frankly talk about what they think about their job and what they wish to accomplish as a journalist, the paper has earned more trust from it’s readers as well as positive responses in the fresh attempt.

It is true that newspapers have been met with a series of hardships, one after the  other, because of all the fast pace technological changes. The idea of having the journalists literally speak “in their own words” about what they think about their lives as a journalist seemed like an interesting way to let people know that journalism isn’t all depressed. Hopefully, this ad would add more optimism towards the future of journalism for its viewers


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