NYC Police

7 Dec

NYPD officers were caught writing highly offensive comments on Facebook regarding parade goers of the West Indian American Parade. The officers were using their own names in the Facebook group that these outrageous conversations took place. The comments called parade goers ‘savages’ and racist descriptions. To this accusation the department refused to offer any commentary.  The Facebook group and comments had disappeared mysteriously after the story went out.

Social Media has allowed us to speak our minds freely. It’s one thing for a random person to go about with offensive comments(although it does make that person an a-hole) it is something completely else for police officers to do the same thing. Especially with the NYPD, New York is one of the most diverse area in the US not to mention the world. How is it that citizens of New York would be able to rely on the police knowing what they talk about them behind their backs? If it were mild complaints it would be acceptable but the level of offensiveness is not something to be overseen.  Some person with malicious intent may have been hacking in to the officers’ phones, but the group chat thing makes that possible unlikely.


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