Updated Twitter is Now Wiring News

9 Dec

Twitter has started a service to compile a digital news page out of the information it gets out of its users activities. The news wiring service will be in sync with the users location, followings and other activity related news that might interest them. This new attribute is to work as a speedy platform for those hoping to publish news towards the gigantic twitter audience.

Getting newsfeeds via social networks has become a thing these days. It’s fast and customized to say the least. In general, people tend to skim through news headlines without engaging much in the actual story.  The rise of the social media news briefing service has only complimented such behavioral pattern. We may be getting more news, but less story. The situation is pretty much the same with any digitized news platform. The speedy, up-to-dateness of SNS news has been recognized but what we really need is indepth news that can make the reader stick to the page.



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