10 Dec

New York digital agency Densebrain has come up with an idea to develop an app that would be triggered by sound waves.The technology incorporated in this app is the same one that allows us to track buses. Customers with the app would enter a store and instantly receive promotion messages due to the high pitch signals admitted from the shelves. In the same way, when a TV commercial that emits certain frequencies come up on the screen, the app would activate to provide more information on the commercial product.  The promise that this new technology brings to the table could change the way advertisers reach out to customers.

This seemed like a very interesting idea for advertisers. As a consumer, I would be annoyed by all the messaging I would every time I approached a product with the frequency emitter. Since I do have the option to opt out of the messages, I do see the benefits of the app. It is new and different in terms of how product promotions are sent to customers. This would prevent ad messages from becoming spams because the app itself is only triggered when the customer is close enough to be showing actual interest in the product or advertisement.



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