Plagiarism in Editorial Cartoons

10 Dec

Editorial cartoonist Jeff Stahler resigned from the Columbus Dispatch Friday due to accusations of plagiarizing another cartoonist’ s work. Suspicions of plagiarism came up when a cartoon Stahler had submitted on Monday seemed identical to one that was published in the New York Times. A different speculation is that the similar material is completely coincidental and that it often happens when two cartoonists come up with the exact same idea. Nonetheless, the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists had come to consider drafting ethical guidelines.

Plagiarism is treated seriously ranging from student papers to published literary works. In cases of journalists who have succumbed to the temptation of plagiarism have had their careers shattered to pieces. Editorial cartoons however seemed to have avoided serious confrontation when it came to lifting others’ ideas. It the cartoon part is to be considered journalism, it should be treated as such.


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