Zite to Launch iPhone App

12 Dec

Zite, the CNN owned news aggregator, is to launch an iphone app this month. The app is to an adapted version of the ipad app. To distinguish itself from hundreds of other news aggregator apps, Zite is all about personalization. This way the news pages would be efficient and relevant to the reader than ever.

Honestly this can just end up to be yet another news app that tries to appeal to the readers’ personal preferences which we all know has been done before. The get-your-own-tailored-news strategy is what is in with all the social media already  having done that for quite some while. Although Zite is going well with the trends, this isn’t necessarily the most original idea out there. If it were to get credit for creativity the app should have broken new grounds for customization or something. It’s just that, what with all the enormous flood of news apps, one would wish to see something more than the app just focusing on automatic customization.



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